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Janice Brezik Sendak


Board Certified Advanced Practice Nurse 
500 Level Trained Yoga Instructor
Certified Wellness Educator

My yoga courses are evidence-based practices to improve physical flexibility, endurance, strength, cognition, mood, & manage stress.

Classes are based on whole body movement exercises targeting the longevity model for heart & lung health including neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, balance, & mobility.

I believe that through yoga, we can develop skills to liberate our energy and direct it towards a more positive way of being, for a fulfilling, well-lived life.

Take my hand and allow me to serve as your guide on this journey for a happy, healthy life as we age.


6 week consecutive courses are offered throughout the year via Zoom.

Each class is 75 min. $120 per course. Free Intro Class

Course classes offered on

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:00-10:15 AM & 6:30-7:45 PM EST


Drop in classes available. $25 each.

Clinics offered.


Private sessions are 1 hour. $75 each.


Image by John Wilson

The Fountain of Youth
7 Fundamental Movements for Mobility


Whole body movements with proper posture alignment to maintain healthy joints and range of motion are imperative to healthy aging. Many everyday tasks mimic basic exercises known as functional movements. It's important to develop and maintain quality movement patterns as we age and build our strength, flexibility, and balance to ensure our independence and prevent injury. In this course you will learn how to use your breath with movement to purify your mind and body improving clarity and reducing stress; somatosensory body awareness to learn new healthy patterns of movement; build strength, flexibility, and balance through 7 fundamental movements for healthy aging. Whether you're on the tennis court, playing with grandchildren, or never been to a gym, it's never too early or late to preserve your functional ability to enjoy life as we age.

Image by Jeppe Hove Jensen

Yoga for Posture Improvement & Balance
Reboot Your Computer Posture


I'm sure you've heard, "Sitting is the new smoking." An exaggerated rounding of the mid-spine, kyphosis, disturbs the natural curvatures of the spine causing a head forward position and results in increased risk for health problems and pain. Good posture is not just throwing your shoulders back and sitting up straight. Chronic poor posture results in greater rates of mortality and physiological aging. Studies have shown an increased risk for atherosclerosis, lung problems, pain and anxiety. The body reshapes itself to your postural habits. The earlier you begin to shift, the better.

Hands Backward

Fascia Relief & Rejuvenation for Aging Backwards


Our fascia is a webbing of connective tissue encompassing everything in our bodies: nerves, blood vessels, muscles, bones, organs. Think of Spiderman- as you pull on one string, it distorts and compresses the opposite end. As we age our fascia stiffens and loses its resiliency. Hydration through movement targeting the Lines of Fascia help keep the suppleness in this intricate complex system from our "toes to our nose." Keep the bounce in your step as you age with this course.

Image by CDC

Yoga for Bone Health


Osteoporosis is defined as a condition in which the bone becomes fragile and more likely to break. Fortunately, having an active lifestyle with intelligent exercise, nutrition, and good posture can modify the risk of developing this condition. This course builds neuromuscular awareness, coordination, balancing skills and habits of posture and movement; Poses based on research that influence the quality of your bone and reduce the risk of fracture. Research has shown that 75% of fractures occur in people without the diagnosis of osteoporosis and are the result of falls. Strength and balance training are critical to reduce the risk of injury as we age.

Image by Angèle Kamp

Yoga for Heart Health


Existing models suggest that the primary pathway by which yoga uniquely influences BP is via reduction in stress response due to an increase in self regulation. The global effect of active asana practices, pranayama (breath), and meditation has a balancing effect on the autonomic nervous system. Opening the chest musculature creates more space for our heart and lungs to operate releasing long held muscular and connective tissue tension. Active stretching improves flexibility and may take tension off blood vessels allowing for the relaxation response to increase circulation. Holding poses statically has shown to increase the workload of the heart muscle itself. Maintain your health and well being with this course.


Image by Jez Timms

Yoga for the Equestrian
Find Your Sweet Spot In & Out of the Saddle, Banish the Competition Butterflies

Tennis Balls

Yoga to Improve Your Tennis Game & Reduce Risk of Injury

Wooden Desk

Yoga for the Desk Jockey
Reboot Your Computer Posture

Clinics & Courses

Just in time for the
Upcoming Competition Season....


Find Your “Sweet Spot” In & Out of the Saddle
Banish the Competition Butterfli

It’s not just about relaxing tight hips. Improve your posture and balance through strengthening deep core spinal stabilizer muscles, lengthening short, tight muscles, and recruiting muscles that are inhibited all of which contribute to neuromuscular imbalances affecting our alignment along the Plumb Line. Increase your interoceptive and proprioceptive awareness to allow you to ride in harmony with your horse; Breath awareness and techniques to calm the Mind-Body and relieve stress.

Sunday, 3/19/23 1-2:30pm

Online via Zoom

$20 via Venmo or Check

Space Limited

(Yoga mat, cross-tie or long nylon lead rope, towel, tennis-like ball,

large bath horse sponge, chair, or mounting block)


Mary B.

"Jan’s long-time career as an RN and a CRNA has provided her with a significant background in medicine, including anatomy, physiology, and living a healthy lifestyle. Her transition to certification in yoga/wellness has incorporated her medical knowledge into her practice which makes her a unique instructor. I have benefited greatly from her sessions, including a marked improvement in flexibility, muscle tone and strength, breathing techniques, stress management, and an increased awareness in mind and body. She is an amazing teacher!"   

Mary H.

"I began weekly yoga classes with Janice Sendak in February 2022. The goal of these yoga classes has been to improve and maintain the abilities to continue activities of daily life and to improve our joy and peace. I’m a 67 year old female, career was a registered nurse (hemodialysis, surgery, and a few years in ICU). Due to the career and bad habits, I have chronic lower back pain, and cervical area pain. The result has been poor posture and difficulty with;  bending, crouching/squatting, reaching for things above my head with extended arms. Since Janice’s classes I have increased my strength, improved my posture and I’m more stable on my feet while squatting, standing and walking. Janice is excellent explaining the muscle groups involved in these actions, making sure that she can Zoom in on our body alignment while performing the postures. Janice also takes the time to discuss intentions and the importance of meditation and breathing for our spiritual and emotional life. I appreciate this type of yoga class that the instructor has a focus and the knowledge to guide others. I will continue classes with Janice."


"I have had the best experience with Jan as my yoga instructor. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a personalized approach to teaching yoga.  She keeps her class sizes small so that she can give individual attention to you. She has been so helpful in making sure that I do not injure myself, as I have had knee problems in the past. The class that I have been taking is focused on aging and maintaining your strength and flexibility as we age.  She takes great care in making sure that you are doing the poses correctly so as not to cause injuries. She also has great tips on maintaining your balance, strength and flexibility as we age and what you should work on between classes. In addition to her knowledge, she also makes the classes fun. She's so excited about your progress as you move through her classes and become stronger and more fit. I look forward to her classes every week, she is the best!!"
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